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Are any of you curious about where the name mamfloriTa originated from? 

"The Chamorro people of Guam (my birthplace) have traditionally accepted homosexuality and transgender (such as myself) folks.  Chamorro culture was a sexually tolerant society, where homosexuality was never viewed as taboo, but "taken for granted as a part of life". It has been described as openly bisexual, though this idea is inaccurate and was disputed eventually. The Chamorro word for an effeminate male is mamflorita (literally little flowers), whereas lesbian is malalahi (literally women acting like men)."

- Wikipedia


mission of mamfloriTa

I plan to flamboyantly share my life experiences related to business consulting, lgbTqia topics, beauty, fashion, health journey, mental health awareness, transitioning to entrepreneurship and many more in my mission to building the house of mamfloriTa as a balikbayan in the Philippines.

Along with sharing my journey through this all, I will also be sharing the process of going from a management career in the Bay Area, California to being sick and tired of working for entitled, ungrateful big wigs only to help them make another million dollars, which pushed me to finally build my brand.

Please stay tuned for it all!!

- missmmflores


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